Why we joined

Dec 4 2008 - 08:00
Steward and Tree Protection Officer, Michael Volp, tells us why he joined Unison and why he continues to be a member: "In the early days of my career I started out 'on the tools' and Union membership [NUPE as was] was as natural as getting your hands dirty.
Aug 13 2008 - 14:38
Branch Secretary, Kevin O'Grady on why he joined UNISON....... On 20th November 2008 I will have been an employee of Norwich City Council for 30 years.  I joined UNISON (actually NUPE one of the partner unions) on 20th November 1978.  Yes it was my first day at work and the reason was quite simply that we were a closed shop.  This meant that I had to be a member of the union.
Mar 12 2008 - 21:55
Branch Communications Officer, Jessica Woodhouse, tells us why she joined... "Before I started working for Norwich City Council in 2006, I had never worked anywhere that a union was recognised.  When I told my friends and family about my new job at the time, they all said 'if there's a union you should really join it'.  It seemed to be common knowledge that you'd have better job security and protection if you did. 
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