Why I joined UNISON

Branch Communications Officer, Jessica Woodhouse, tells us why she joined...

"Before I started working for Norwich City Council in 2006, I had never worked anywhere that a union was recognised.  When I told my friends and family about my new job at the time, they all said 'if there's a union you should really join it'.  It seemed to be common knowledge that you'd have better job security and protection if you did. 

I know people that work in organisations without any union representation and these companies often make changes to the employees' pay and conditions, without any consultation with staff representatives.  If a union is recognised there is the opportunity for staff to work together to raise issues and their voice will be heard, so I joined Unison as soom as I got an application form in my recruitment pack.

This was is June 2006, and since then my awareness of UNISON's work has grown - although I'm still not sure of everything they are involved in as there's so much!  I'm really impressed by their charity and international work, helping union members in other countries - even where it's illegal to be in a union and can result in intimidation and even death.  It makes you realise how much you take for granted.

The branch has also given me the opportunity to develop, by becoming both a steward and communications officer in March 2007.  This does mean a little more work but the rewards are definately worth it.  The training I've received not only helps my UNISON work but gives me good skills for my job in the council.  I'm definately glad I joined and I'd recommend it to both new staff and those already employed at the council."