Joining UNISON

your friend at work Joining UNISON

In this section anyone who's not yet a member can find all about joining UNISON:

  • what are the benefits?
  • why did others join?
  • how do I join?
  • what does it cost?

Benefits of joining

By joining UNISON you will benefit from the wide range of support and help offered to our members - find out more in our 'Need Help? section.  You will also be able to take advantage of the many discounts and financial offers available.  See all of these in our member benefits section.

Why did others join?

Sometimes it's best to hear about the real reasons some of our members joined and you can read members' stories in our Why did we join? section, and also hear some of the benefits they have experienced since joining.  Contact us if you are a member and wish to add your story.

How do I join?

Joining is easy - just contact the Branch Office and ask for an application form, or download one here.  Forms should be returned to the Branch Office.

What does it cost?

UNISON subcriptions are banded, in that you pay according to what you earn.  Most of our members pay less than £10 a month and full details of tariff information are listed on the application form.  Subscriptions are paid monthly and to make it easy are deducted from your salary automatically.

When you join UNISON, you are able to opt in to a political fund payment, either the General Political Fund (supports local and national campaigns and is not affiliated to any political party) or Labour Link (funds our lobbying within the Labour Party).  This element helps UNISON with a direct way of getting our message across to politicians - through political lobbying.

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