Zero Pay Offer - Your Views

We asked for your views on the news that Local Government Employers had decided to make no pay increase offer for 2010.  We have shared some of your views below - to send us your views just email  

“I have to say I am very disappointed with this news, it has been hard enough this year managing on my pay, the thought of working another year without some kind of reward is rotten. Hard working council officers deserve a pay increase this year!”

“I think the pay freeze for the lower salary bands is not only a raw deal for staff this year but also in the long term will erode the real value of the lower paid jobs that will deter new quality entrants into local government. A good example is in Social Services where the service at a county level recognises the need to offer both progression in salary bands but also an adequate starting salary in order to attract the right staff into domiciliary care roles. Career progression at the right staring salary is the best way to encourage bright, enthusiastic applicants for jobs that in the past have not attracted such candidates. Eroding the starting salary in these lower graded posts will impact on entrant levels and detract from the good work in providing career progression and training opportunities.”

“I think the Employers response to not award a pay increase disgraceful. Are Local Authorities and the Government going to freeze Council Tax petrol food utilities etc? No. Secondly I feel that there should be a increase for the lower paid staff have limit of those below say 30k? a year and those above a pay freeze.”

“I think that this would be an ideal opportunity to campaign for a cut in hours to bring us in line with many other employers. We should have an FTE = 35 hours rather than the current 37. If there is to be no increase in pay then a reduction in hours would partially compensate for the pay cut we will be subjected to.”

"Yes, I am disappointed that we are not getting no pay increase ,but at the end of the day I am thankful that I have still got a job, where a lots of people are not so lucky while there a recession on"

"We could threaten to strike on 06/05/2010 - Maybe this would ensure a positive response from central government, especially near or on a general election date."