Your views – we are listening

The prize draw entry forms included questions for both members and non-members to help us gain a useful insight into how you feel about your local branch.

The questions have also been collated and analysed, and a brief summary of the feedback can be seen below. This information will be used to help make our communications and branch activities more effective in the future.

We are please to see that a massive 97% of you read our e-mail bulletins, as we try to make sure you are always kept well informed of the latest news. 

70% of you told us that you have visited the new branch website. Developed over the last year, this has become a useful communications tool. All of our news stories are posted to the website and remain there for future reference and our e-mail bulletins contain links to the stories. When you’re reading them why not have a look around and see what else is here – just click the links to the left of this page.

You told us some of the best things about being part of the Norwich City branch: 

  • By far the most common response reflects the importance you place on the security offered by Unison membership, and knowing that support is here if you need it
  • A large number of you appreciated receiving up-to-date information and regular updates on current issues like pay claims. 
  • Many of you recognised the strength that comes from being part of a larger group and acting together as one when bargaining and negotiating. 
  • You also told us you appreciate personal contact from your stewards, who you find friendly and approachable.

We are pleased to see that despite not receiving the e-mail bulletins that contain links to our website, around 30% of non-members have visited the site.  We will aim to improve on this by raising awareness of the website address and the information that can be found here.  For example, we have made sure our website address is included on all new branch merchandise and information.

The main reasons given by non-members for not yet joining Unison were: 

  • Some non-members had only just joined the council, and are either still deciding whether to join or have not yet gotten round to it. 
  • There are also a number that are in part time or short term positions who do not understand that Unison membership is relevant to them. 
  • More positively, a large number joined there and then on the day!

We will use this information to communicate to non-members around these issues as part of future recruitment events.