Unitary plans in Norfolk revealed

The Boundary Committee published it's draft proposals today for a single unitary authority in Norfolk - but has left the option of a 'doughnut' and a 'wedge' on the table.  The annoucement has come as a surprise to many.

In Norfolk, the Committee proposes a single unitary authority which would cover the whole county and include Lowestoft.

However, the Committee has also said "In Norfolk, the Committee thought there was merit in linking Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Norwich in a unitary authority, the rest of Norfolk would form another unitary authority.

"We also saw merit in a ‘doughnut’ pattern, with one authority for Norwich on expanded boundaries and one for the remainder of Norfolk which would also include Lowestoft."

Branch Sectretary, Kevin O'Grady, commented today "This shock annoucement has come as a surprise and was very unexpected.  Following months of uncertainty we are really still unaware of what the future will hold - but whatever it does we will continue to support staff by working to preserve jobs and services".

More information on the proposals can be found on the Boundary Committee's website.