UNISON Internationally

internationalThe Branch International Relations Officer tells about the work UNISON does with sister unions across the world:

“I have been impressed by Unison’s international work enabling people to campaign for workers rights, often carried out under very difficult circumstances – it is illegal to be a member of a union in some countries.

"For instance, Cuba does some fantastic work training medical staff, bringing people from Africa to be trained and then they go back to their own country as agreed for at least 10 years to feed the training back to where it is needed. 

"The Cuban doctors have reached people in difficult terrain where no other services have, and after the Pakistan earthquake they went into the mountains to help the sick and injured. The locals were amazed and relieved to be reached, and no other help arrived as the area is so inaccessible.

"Twice yearly I attend a weekend to discuss international issues with other officers – the next is in March and I will feed back the main issues. I also receive information from Amnesty International and other groups that our branch supports, and hope to summarise articles from these in the future.

"In the meantime please do have a look at the Unison website for more information.”