Staff flock to join Unison

In the run-up to the strike on 16 & 17 July, membership of new Local Government employees has increased significantly.

UNISON Eastern Regional Head of Local Government, Ian Barber, commented:

“It is hardly surprising that people are flocking to join UNISON at this time.  Local Government workers have had enough & want to join the union that is acting on their behalf.  A 2.45% pay offer is quite clearly an insult to those dedicated workers such as teaching assistants, school meals staff, refuse collectors & cleaners after ten years worth of below inflation pay rises.

"Strike action is a legitimate way of getting their message of dissatisfaction across to the employers.  Local Government workers know that to ensure their employers get a very clear message they need to act together in solidarity under the UNISON banner”

For information on joining, see our 'join Unison' pages