Single Status Update - October 2009

The council’s single status proposal was submitted to Unison headquarters a few weeks ago. This proposal would mean that: 

  • 34% of employees will see their pay increase 
  • 54% of employees will see no change in their pay 
  • 11% of employees will see their pay decrease

The employer has stated their intention to provide financial and career counseling for these staff and in addition, the branch has agreed an appeals process for those who wish to appeal against their job evaluation.

Unison HQ has requested and is awaiting the receipt of further information from the council before providing their views on the revised scheme. Following this, a ballot of members will be held on whether the scheme should be accepted.

We will await the results of the review of the revised proposals and will continue to inform you of the latest news and developments. We would like to hear your views on this or any other issue – e-mail