Single Status Update - May 2008

You may have seen information in inner city and e-grapevine recently on the single status process, which is moving ahead with full rollout of the Job Evaluation Scheme soon.

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Unison is playing a large part in the process of getting all posts through the Job Evaluation Scheme in a fair and transparent way, as we believe a strong working partnership between Unison and the Council is essential to the process running as smoothly as possible.

The branch will be working hard with the council, and here is how we’re helping to ensure the Job Evaluation Scheme is fair and transparent:

  • Training 6 stewards and officers in job evaluation, to be increased to 18. Their role is to sit on moderation panels (of 2 unison reps and 2 management reps) to moderate jobs and ensure outcomes are fair and consistent.
  • Sitting on the Single Status Steering Group, with has equal numbers of Unison and management and is responsible for overseeing the whole programme.
  • Attending briefings for management, staff and pilot members to answer questions and provide advice and guidance. 
  • Sitting on the Single Status Communications Group to ensure all communications for staff are jointly agreed. 
  • Negotiating local conditions of employment with the Council. 
  • At the end of the job evaluation process, carrying out a ballot of our membership for whether members wish to accept or reject the proposed job evaluation and pay system.

More information on the Job Evaluation process can be found in the pages and FAQs published on the Single Status intranet page. 

For more help on job evaluation, please contact the Single Status Team on 2594 or, or the Unison Branch office on 2068 or