Single Status Update – 24 July 2009

In our feature article of 1 July we outlined the position for single status. A revised proposal was being developed by the council following the rejection by Unison national office of the first proposal on the grounds of equal pay.

Last night the council's executive committee approved the revised proposal. It will now be sent to Unison national office for a review, expected to last approximately four weeks. The revised proposal is for a new pay system that all employees up to and including heads of service will be transferred to. The effect of this proposal is that: 

  • 34% of employees will see their pay increase 
  • 54% of employees will see no change in their pay 
  • 11% of employees will see their pay decrease

The employer has stated their intention for financial and career counselling for these staff and in addition, the branch has agreed an appeals process for those who wish to appeal against their job evaluation.

The branch has been involved in negotiations with the employer throughout the single status process and we have been working hard to minimise any negative impact on our members – the branch’s preferred outcome would have been for nobody to see a decrease in their pay. The current proposal results in a lower than average number of employees experiencing pay reductions following implementation of single status agreements.

There are a number of possibilities for the next stages depending on whether the proposal is approved – if this is the case then we will ballot members. Employees will be written to by the council with details of what the proposal means so that all information needed to make an informed decision on how to cast your vote will be available.

If members accept the proposal the scheme will be implemented, and if rejected the branch will consider what action should be taken. Unison is a member-led organisation and your voice will be crucial in determining the way forward. We will await the results of the review of the revised proposals and will continue to inform you of the latest news and developments.

We would like to hear your views on this issue – e-mail