Round up of last week's strike action

One week on from the strike action, Branch Secretary Kevin O'Grady gives an update on how things went:

"Overall, we were extremely pleased with the amount of activity and support over the two days and the interest since then. 

"Special thanks must go out to all those who helped on the picket lines.  It's not an easy job to stand there for hours and without their help we wouldn't have achieved successes such as the postal workers refusing to cross the picket line and deliver the post, and members of staff approaching the picket lines realising the importance of the issue, not crossing and going home again.

"The rally we hosted on the Wednesday on Hay Hill was another key success, and everybody was impressed with the attendance from members of branches all across Norfolk.  Hay Hill was quite a confined area compared to our last rally at the forum, which added to the atmosphere and provided an excellent oppourtunity to get the public involved.  Music from the Red Flags really enhanced the event, grabbing people's attention and encouraging them to sing along.

"The attention the branch received from the media this time around was fantastic, with the rally playing a big part in this.  The coverage was excellent with the front page with a photo in the Evening News, an article and photo in the EDP, TV coverage on both Anglia News and Look East, radio interviews with Radio Norfolk, Norwich and Broadland, and pictures on the national Unison website.

"Discussions with members of the public on the pickets lines showed the amount of public support for our position.  Many people empathised with us as either they or a member of their family had previously been a member of a trade union and faced the same problems that we currently have.  Even those in their cars who couldn't stop and speak showed their support by beeping their horns.

"In all, the two days were successful and have showed the employers the strength of feeling amongst our members and the fact that the 2.45% pay offer with strings attached is not acceptable.  We would like to see the action help us reach an improved agreement for our members as quickly as possible."