Pay 2010 – No movement from employers

There has been no movement from employers from their position of imposing a pay freeze on local government staff.

We asked you what you felt about this at our branch open day on 3 February, and this is what you told us:

32% of you are feeling resigned about the pay freeze. You are not surprised about the zero pay offer in the current climate, and are happy to still have a job. You are disappointed but feel that it is acceptable in the circumstances, although would not wish to see this extended beyond one year. Many of you would be in support of a proposal to reduce the working week from 37 to 35 hours on the same pay, in effect giving an hourly pay rise instead.

13% of you are ambivalent about the offer and decided to make no comment.

55% of you, the majority of members, expressed your strong reaction using words such as appalled, disappointed, angry, annoyed, not happy, concerned, disgusted, speechless, undervalued and frustrated, feeling the imposed pay freeze is disgraceful, derisory and unjust.

Many of you recognise that the pay freeze is in fact a pay cut, as costs of living are still rising, and feel that an increase in line with council tax increases would have been fair. You also express your concern for lower paid members across the country, who will struggle to cope with a real terms cut in pay.

Another alternative suggested was a graduated pay offer, with inflationary level increases for the lowest paid and lower or no increases for senior managers. You are also angry that there was no consultation with Unison or other trade unions about the offer.

So, what can we do?

Unison have launched a campaign to get negotiations off the ground. The campaign website can be viewed at

We can also keep up the pressure by writing to MPs and councillors and asking for their support to get the employers to negotiate – model letters are attached at the bottom of this page.

Model Letter - MP.doc26 KB
Model Letter - Councillor.doc26 KB