Pay 2009 Conclusion

Unions and employers have reached a settlement on the local government pay increase for 2009. Members voted overwhelmingly to accept the employers revised offer of:

  • 1.25% for those on scale points 4-10 (£11,961 to £13,336) 
  • 1% for those on scale points 11-49 (£14,197 to £41,083) 
  • An annual leave entitlement increase of 1 day for a quarter of the workforce 
  • A national redundancy avoidance policy agreed by 1 December 2009

The council has confirmed that both the pay increase and back pay to April 2009 will be paid in employee’s October salaries.

National talks need to start on the development of the national redundancy avoidance policy; however the branch does not expect that this will mean any significant changes locally. For example it is unlikely to have any impact on the review of the local staffing adjustment or redeployment policies.

Issues with the implementation of the annual leave entitlement increase remain unresolved and the branch will be talking with HR to discuss moving this forward.

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