Pay 2009 - Breaking News

Norwich City Unison branch has learned that Local Government Employers have made a revised formal offer for the pay settlement for 2009/10.

The revised offer is for: 

  • An increase of 1.25% for employees on scale points 4 to 10 (£11,961 - £13,336) 
  • An increase of 1% for scale points 11 to 49 (£14,197 - £41,083) 
  • an increase of one day in minimum annual leave for employees with less than five years’ service (increasing by four days instead of five after five years service) 
  • Completion of joint guidance on best practice in handling redundancies by 1 December 2009

The branch is pleased that the employers have reconsidered their original position in these difficult times for our members.  A similar response has been seen nationally as UNISON's Head of Local Government, Heather Wakefield, has said:

"We are pleased that the local government employers have come forward with an improved pay offer. While we believe that our members are worth more, we are pleased that the employers have realised that 0.5% was an insult. It is also vital that we have an agreement in place to protect jobs in the sector. This will help keep services running through the recession - when families and communities need them most.”

Unison national office will be asking branches to consult with their membership on the revised offer. Meanwhile, if you would like to give us your views, please e-mail us at