No sign of relief for low paid members

Efforts by the National Joint Council (NJC) secretaries to secure meetings with government ministers and the local government association have been turned down. 

Unison are working with other NJC unions Unite and GMB to secure the government's promise of a £250 pay rise for members earning £21,000 or less.  Letters were written to Eric Pickles, MP and secretary of state for communities and local government, as well as Baroness Eaton, chair of the local government association (LGA). 

The letters requested urgent meetings to discuss the pay freeze imposed on members for a second year, who are struggling to make ends meet with high inflation, rising food and fule costs and a planned 50% increase in pension contributions.

In particular, the trade union side wants to see local government employers keep the government's promise to pay £250 to the lowest paid members - especially as many councils have budgeted for this. 

A response has been received from Baroness Eaton, turning down the request for a meeting and saying that discussions should continue through established routes.  Baroness Eaton responded on the £250 issue by saying "local government pay is determined separately from central government arrangements and the disproportionate effect on our workforce was deemed unaffordable".

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