No further strike action over pay

fair dealUNISON’s NJC Committee met last week to review progress in the negotiations over this year's pay claim.  A number of important decisions were made at the meeting:

  • not to ask members to take any further industrial action in relation to this year’s pay offer

Across the country, branches responding to the recent consultation said that members were not willing to take further action.  The committee therefore decided not to call for further action.

  • to refer this year’s pay offer to ACAS for binding arbitration

There was a unanimous decision to recommend that the matter be referred to the Arbitration and Conciliation Service (ACAS) for binding arbitration.  The national agreement – the Green Book – provides for either side of the NJC to do this . 

Informal discussions have been held with ACAS and they will start the process, which will involve an independent arbitrator, in the near future. Unison believes they can show that the cost of living, local government finances and the poor position of local government workers in the public sector pay league table will provide solid evidence for an improved award.

Additional decisions made:

  • to approach this year’s pay offer, any review of the Green Book and pay for 2009/10 separately
  • to submit a pay claim to the employers as soon as possible for 2009/10
  • to agree the trade union side’s aims for any future review of the Green Book
  • to undertake an in-depth review within the NJC Committee of the negotiations and events surrounding this year’s industrial action and to draw up plans to increase our bargaining strength at local and national level
  • to hold meetings of the full Joint trade union side of the NJC on 1 October and 3 November

There is further information on Unison's website (link below), and we will of course update you with any news as we get it.

Link to full article on Unison's website