Lifelong Learning....

… means being given a better chance to keep learning throughout your lifetime, and to learn or improve in 'subjects' not necessarily connected to your current job.

Thank you to everyone who completed a Lifelong Learning Questionnaire at the recent staff road shows.  We will be working with the HR Department to identify the most 'popular requests' from the questionnaires, and trying to find the best way of delivering what you have asked for.

Plans are being made for Adult Learners Week (May 17th - 23rd 2008), with Thursday 22nd May designated as this year's Learning @ Work Day.

However, Lifelong Learning is not just about one day or one week and in January UNISON and senior management made a joint commitment to a Lifelong Learning Agreement for Norwich City Council. This means we are encouraging employees to think about any 'learning' they would like to take on, and trying to find ways of helping you achieve your own aims.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of Lifelong Learning, please speak to your UNISON Steward, or Union Learning Reps: Nick Ringer or Scott Brinkley