International Affiliations

Members may not be aware that for many years the Norwich City Unison branch has affiliated itself to a number of external organisations working internationally.

These are international causes that Unison supports and also those that the local branch has chosen to contribute towards, both financially and otherwise.

The full list of affiliations is listed below, along with descriptions and links to organisation websites for more information.

  • Norwich - El Viecho Link:  The official civic twinning organisation linking Norwich and Norfolk with the City and Municipality of El Viejo in Nicaragua, Central America.  Link to page on Norwich City Council website.
  • Cuba Solidarity Campaign:  The British campaign for the defence of Cuba and its peoples' right to self-determination and national sovereignty.
  • Justice for Columbia:  British organisation that campaigns for human rights, workers' rights and the search for peace and justice in Columbia.
  • Trade Union Friends of Searchlight:  A magazine opposing racism and fascism in Britain and abroad. It was founded in 1962 and is supported by funding from Trade Unions.
  • ACTSA (Action for South Africa):  Campaigning with the people of South Africa for the progression of justice, democracy and development in the region.  Successor organisation to the Anti Apartheid Movement.