Help from your Unison branch

Unison Norwich City

In the Norwich City Unison branch, we have around 20 trained stewards who are here to help you in times of need.


An important part of the steward's role is to support individual members by helping them take concerns to the employer, and representing members on a number of issues.

Just some of the issues where we have helped our members include:

  • disciplinary proceedings
  • raising grievances
  • health and safety issues
  • redundancies
  • sickness and leave issues
  • changes to terms and conditions
  • bullying and harassment
  • working conditions
  • collective and group issues
  • equality and diversity
  • discrimination

If you need help with one of these issues or any other, in the first instance please contact one of our branch stewards.  It is often best to contact the steward for your workplace, but if this is not possible any of our trained stewards can help.  A full list of our stewards can be seen by clicking here.

Alternatively, complete our contact form and your query will be picked up by the branch office and forwarded to the appropriate person.

The steward's involvement will usually include:

  • meeting with you to discuss your issue and the next steps
  • accompanying you to any meetings or hearings
  • enabling your voice to be heard
  • making sure procedures are followed correctly
  • helping with appeal processes or tribunals

We will always do our best for our members and aim to achieve results in line with realistic expectations.  We will discuss possible outcomes with you at the initial meeting. 

Remember - Unison is your friend at work.