Equalities and Unison

UNISON's membership is made up of individuals from all walks of life and all parts of the world.  Every one of them is entitled to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect.

What this means to you as an individual, is that UNISON supports your rights for equality of opportunity.  Everyone is different, and has different ways of working.  Your employer and your manager should support you to achieve goals in your role, by removing barriers and treating you fairly.

If you have a ‘protected’ characteristic like being disabled, an ethnic minority, are gay or lesbian, or think that a policy puts you at a disadvantage because you are male, female, you are younger, or older…then you have protected rights which your employer should be aware of.  For example, if you have a visual impairment, you might need software for your computer which the employer must provide.

At Birmingham council, female employees won a court case against their employer because although they were on the same pay grade as their male counterparts, they weren’t entitled to go for the same bonus scheme. We need to make sure that unfair policy proposals are challenged.

There may be lots of reasons why you might need the help of your branch steward, or equalities officer.  My name is Nadia Aman and I am the equalities officer for UNISON and I’m happy to help with any equalities related enquiry if you are a member, a steward, or just interested in asking.

Nadia Aman, Equalities Officer - nadiaaman@norwich.gov.uk