Arbitration Process Continues

A finalised 2008/09 pay settlement is growing nearer, following the interim increase to be awarded in November of 2.45%.

The arbitration process is moving forward with both the Trade Union and the Employers’ side making written submissions to the arbitration panel later this month, and an oral hearing expected to follow in early December. The final pay award will then be made by the Arbitrator.

The terms of reference for the arbitration process have been agreed by Local Government unions, with confirmation from the employers expected soon. The proposed wording is as follows:

“The Arbitrator is asked to consider the arguments put forward by both sides and make an award to resolve the 2008/9 pay dispute. All parties accept the arbitrator’s decision is final.

In particular, this means:

a) No further industrial action will take place during the arbitration process or following the Arbitrator’s decision, and

b) Any award will be implemented in full without delay”

We will keep you informed with updates as the situation progresses.